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We, popularly known as SVT Groups are well established in in diversified business sectors such as Real estate, Blue Metals, Transport, etc. in Salem & Hosur for the past 15 Years & has now spread our wings into a New Venture of Manufacturing & Selling Fly ash Bricks & Solid Blocks in Coimbatore & Chennai.

Our Supply is not just confined to Tamil Nadu but also extends to Private Sectors, Slum Clearance Board & PWD even in our neighboring states – Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

Our Major Concept is to “Save Cost in Energy & Construction.”

Ontime Delivery
Quality Products
Save cost in contruction

Vision & Mission


“To be in the forefront of creating awareness about environment & to be the largest player in the field of fly-ash brick production”.


“To provide and promote an eco-friendly technology and strenthen the brick manufacturing sector for the ultimate benefit of its customers and soceity”.


Our Infrastructure and

A1 Bricks located in Coimbatore and Chennai, our Manufacturing Unit is situated on 1 acre sprawling campus consisting of fully automated machines which enhances the efficiency in production while minimizing the labour work & cost.

The block making machine has hydraulic pressure with vibration-based feeding systems which makes every block very accurate & precise. The company has its fully owned vehicle fleet for both- procurement of raw materials & dispatch of final product.

The Company has also arranged for the residential facility of all its workers and a competent management that ensures the welfare of the labourers.


Fly Ash Brick Making Process


  1. The raw materials are blended in desired proportions in a Pan mixer for 4-5 minutes and compressed..
  2. They undergo curing for a minimum of 14 days and are then air dried for 7 days.
  3. After which they are all set to be loaded and dispatched to reach the Customer on time thus prioritizing Customer Satisfaction.
Type A - Flyash Bricks
  • Components: Fly ash, Cement and Sand.
  • Utility: Construction of Basement wall, Septic Tank, Seashore wall buildings and Low sea level Structures.
Type B - Flyash Bricks
  • Components: Flyash, Lime, Sand & minimum amount of Cement.
  • Utility: Construction of Multistorey structures, House construction, Factories, Warehouse and Power plants.

Speciality: The use of cement will increase the bonding and strength of the bricks.

Merit of Fly Ash Brick:

  1. Fly ash bricks are light weight, therefore, transportation is easy.
  2. Fly ash bricks are uniform in shape and size in comparison to burnt clay brick, therefore, require less mortar in brick work and finishing work resulting saving of cement mortar.
  3. As, fly ash brick are machine made, quality control is better in comparison to burnt clay bricks.
  4. Fly ash bricks are environment friendly as:
    • It is a green building product and recommended in LEED & TERI-GRIHA systems.
    • It uses fly ash, which is a waste - product of thermal power plant having no value itself.
    • Saves agricultural land which is used for manufacturing clay bricks.
    • Less energy intensive compared to clay bricks and help in keeping clean environment.

Comparison of Flyash Bricks & Clay Bricks:

Properties Clay Bricks Flyash Bricks Remarks
Density 1600-1750 kg/m3 1700-1850 kg/m3 Higher Loading Bearing
Compressive Strength 30-35 kg/cm2 90-120 kg/cm2 Higher Loading Bearing
Absorption 15-25 % 10-14 % Less Dampness
Dimensional stability Very Low Tolerance High Tolerance Saving in Mortar up to 25%
Wastage During Transit Up to 10% Less than 2% Saving in Cost up to 8%
Plastering Thickness varies on both sides of the wall Even on both sides Saving in plaster up to 15%
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